Paulo Rebello

Paulo Rebello, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, was born in the Brazilian Amazon, where he grew up in close relationship with the jungle and the mighty Amazon River. He went to College in France and England earning a Bachelor’s in Business and Languages. Back in Brazil he worked for transnational companies and became disenchanted with the corporate world. Eventually, he immigrated to the US to pursue a Master’s in Counseling. His experience living in different countries early in life gave him a unique opportunity to be appreciative of and learn from the diversity of cultures, languages, and peoples. Growing up gay in a heteronormative society was a deep wound that has greatly influenced his life, becoming a gift, a passion in his pursuit to understand erotic energy and sexual expression. During graduate school (JFKU-Pleasant Hill CA) he was introduced to the main models, ideas, and concepts that led him to pursue further trainings in Somatic Resourcing with Bill Bowen, and Somatic Attachment Therapy with Karen Rachels, which has profoundly influenced his psychotherapeutic practice. Mindfulness, the Enneagram of Personality, Internal Family Systems, and Plant-Medicine have been resources he has sought in his personal work of awakening and growth, and that he utilizes to support his clients in their own work. He likes to offer the Enneagram of Personality as a map to support his clients in a non-judgmental perception of themselves.

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