SAT Skills

 a.  Inducing mindfulness

b.  Recognizing different nervous system states of hyperarousal, hypoarousal, and regulated within the context of the Polyvagal Theory.

c. Monitoring your own dysregulation

e.  Recognizing traumatic activation

f.  Teaching the Window of Tolerance and regulation techniques and when to use or not to use

g.  Tracking

h.  Contacting

i. Deepening one and Deepening two

j. Slowing

k. Permission-Seeking

l. Use of touch

m. Supporting the wisdom of defenses

n. Recognizing and working with child states, protectors, parts, and incomplete trauma reactions.

o.  Meaning, anchoring and integration

p. Attachment tendencies as they manifest in therapy

q.  Recognizing your own attachment tendencies

r.   Increasing your ability to work from the right brain and recognize which brain you are working from during sessions

s.  Enhancing your capacity for presence in therapy through right brain-left brain integration

t.   Learning the Attachment Bubble (working with present-moment attachment dynamics, attachment bids, beliefs, contact statements, enactments and interventions)

u. Exploring the influence of culture, race and possibly other factors, including oppression and internalized oppression on attachment security, resilience and attachment trauma

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